The weapon called Earth

Read more: The weapon called EarthEcological catastrophes that befell Europe and Asia in the last years could have some hidden roots in the use of so-called geophysical weapons. The weapons of the new millennium can harness the power of natural processes for war, transforming the layers of the earth in some of the most destructive weapons. The balance created by nature over millions of years can be destroyed in minutes. If it is well studied and controlled, the climate can turn into a powerful weapon that can offer supremacy on any theatre of military operation. Geophysical weapons have the power to transmit effects such as earthquake induction across immense distances to any selected target on the globe, with unimaginable force levels.

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The geoparks of Romania

Read more: The geoparks of RomaniaRomania - the country where the Danube, in its long journey to the Black Sea makes white nodes resembling an uncombed beard of a philanderer- surprises the visitor with the beauty of the landscape, the biological and geological diversity and with its traditions and culture. Romania is a dynamic country rich in scenic beauty, history and arts. We have much to show to the world, and starting with this article, we will present Romania in a different way than it has been before.

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